How to Monitor Data Transfer

By Stephen Lilley

Monitoring data transfer over an Internet connection can be done natively in the Windows operating system using a utility called the "Resource Monitor." This lets you monitor data that is both being transferred from your computer to the Internet as well as data that is being transferred from the Internet to your computer. This data transfer is monitored via a series of updating graphs available in the Windows application.

Step 1

Right-click the task bar.

Step 2

Click "Task Manager."

Step 3

Click the "Performance" tab. In this window, click the button that is labeled "Resource Monitor" to open the native Windows application of the same name.

Step 4

Click the "Network" tab in the "Resource Monitor" program window. The constantly updating graphs displayed on the monitor represent all of the data that is being transferred over your computer's active Internet connections. As more data is transferred, these graphs will be updated to reflect this information.