How to Modify a UID in Solaris 10

By Kristen Waters

Solaris 10 uses a UID (User ID) to identify each user account. The UID is a unique number assigned to each user. It is usually assigned by the operating system when the account is created. It may be necessary to modify or change a user's UID so in order to allow the user to access a particular program or another operating systems in a network. The "usermod" command is used to change a user's UID.

Click the "Launch" button on the bottom left side of the screen.

Choose the "Applications" option.

Choose the "Terminal" option to open a terminal window.

Type the command "su" to switch to the root user.

Type the command "usermod -u " to modify the UID for a particular user. Replace "" with the new UID for the user. Replace "" with the username for the user.

Type the command "exit" to close the root user session.