How to Modify a Printer to Take Banner Paper

by Meg North
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Rather than taping different sheets of 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper together to create a banner, use banner paper, which is 8.5" wide and as long as you need it. You can modify your printer to accept banner paper in the publishing program you're using, by changing the size. Banner paper, also called continuous paper, can be printed on an inkjet printer at your home.

Step 1

Open the publication you wish to print as a banner. Microsoft Publisher has the option to create a banner.

Step 2

Click "File" on the menu, then "Page Setup." Click the "Printer and Paper" tab and then click the drop-down menu under "Paper" to see if the printer supports banner paper. Most inkjet printers have the banner option.

Step 3

Modify your banner's size. You may choose any width you like. To print the banner onto 8.5" continuous banner paper, set the height as 8.5." Design your banner and save the file.

Step 4

Load the paper tray in the printer with 8.5" wide banner paper and print the publication.

Tear the banner paper at its perforated marks, if applicable, to the size of the banner you have printed.


  • If your printer does not produce the banner you want, take your publication to a copy shop.


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