How to Find Your Modem IP Address

By Elizabeth Stock

Every modem has a unique IP address.
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Every modem has an Internet Protocol Address, or IP Address. An IP address is a series of numbers that is unique to each modem, with no two modems having the same address. It is necessary to be able to locate the IP address when programming devices to operate on the same network, because the IP address allows computers, printers and other electronic devices to identify and communicate with one another.

Step 1

Go to the "Start" menu on the computer, usually found in the bottom left corner of the computer screen, and click "Run." A search box will appear.

Step 2

Type "cmd" in the search box, and click "OK." A black screen will appear that displays the computer's username.

Step 3

Type "ipconfig" in the command line next to the username, and press "Enter."

Step 4

Scroll to the top of the window to review displayed network information, including the modem's IP address. The address consists of a series of numbers and periods.