How to Find What Model of Westinghouse LCD Monitor That You Own

By Lisa Hope

Model numbers allow you to research information about your monitor.
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In order to request a repair, order parts or troubleshoot information online, you will need your Westinghouse LCD Monitor model number. While the model number is printed on both the manual and the original box, if neither of those items are available, you will need to look elsewhere. Fortunately, both the model and serial numbers are located on the monitor.

Step 1

Unplug the monitor from any peripherals. Turn the monitor, so the back is facing you. If the monitor is heavy or mounted to the wall, ask a friend for assistance to avoid injury.

Step 2

Locate the information sticker on the center of the console. It is white, with black text and a barcode.

Step 3

Read the model number from the barcode sticker. Do not remove the sticker from the monitor, this could void your warranty.

Step 4

Write the model number and serial number down. Keep the information for a convenient reference.