How to Find a Missing Cell Phone Fast

by Contributor

Information on how to find a missing cell phone. If you've misplaced your phone use these tips to locate your phone fast.

Step 1

Keep your cell phone ringer on the "ON" position. It is difficult to find a cell phone when the ringer is off. You can alternatively keep your cell phone on the vibrate position but an active ring tone is better. Call your cell phone from a landline or from a friend or family member's phone and follow the ring or the vibrate. If your phone is lost outside of your home, pray that a stranger finds your phone and answers.

Step 2

Attach your cell phone to a carry case that has a key locator chain. In the event your cell phone is lost you can easily locate your missing cell phone fast by activating the locator feature. Check out Best Buy for key locator chains.

Step 3

Use Google Maps to locate your phone. If your cell phone has a GPS feature you can google the exact location of your phone. This will help you to narrow down its location and find it easier.

Step 4

Use a cell phone locator website. There are websites that will help to locate your phone for free. Never pay for these services, a credible site will perform the search free and confidentially.

Contact your cell phone provider for information about cell phone insurance. If you are unable to locate your phone, many cell providers will replace it free. You may need to take out cell phone insurance when signing up for your phone's monthly plan.

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