How to Find Missed Cell Calls

By Jalisa Summerville

Locating Missed Calls on your cell phone is easy.
i cell phone full view image by Melking from

It's virtually impossible to answer every call received on your cell phone. Fortunately, a mobile phone's internal memory records all incoming and outgoing calls to and from your cell phone, including missed calls. Call records can be conveniently accessed through your cell phone handset or by logging on to your cell phone carrier's website to view your personal account. Although each phone has different steps to locate missed calls, the way to access calls is quite similar.

Press the "Talk" button or similar feature used to place calls on your phone. A list of recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls will flash on the screen. Scroll through the list to view all numbers. Some cell phones display "Missed Calls" or have an icon (a red "x" or a question mark) listed beside the number, indicating a missed call.

Touch the "Menu" key on your handset to access the main navigation screen. Tap "Call History" or a similarly named feature. Scroll through the record of all calls, which will include missed calls. Some mobile phones also have a "Missed Alerts" feature on the menu screen. Depending on the brand and model of a cell phone, missed alerts will file a record of all missed calls, voicemails and text and picture messages. A chime may sound periodically alerting users of missed alerts.

Log on to your cell phone carrier's website. Complete the instructions on the Web page to access your account. Click "My Account" or a similar option. Input your username and password. (Some carrier's require your ten-digit phone number.) Locate "My Bill" and select "Call Details" or "View Full Bill." You can view both recent and past monthly statements along with your call history, which contains phone numbers, dates and times of all calls, including missed calls.