How to Migrate Outlook Folders to Hotmail

by Scott Knickelbine
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Microsoft has a free program that makes it very easy to port Outlook files into Hotmail; it's called Office Outlook Hotmail Connector. Hotmail Connector works as a plugin to Office 2003, 2007 or 2010. Once you run the executable download, you simply open Outlook and your Hotmail account shows up in the folders menu. And if you're planning on moving away from Outlook entirely, Connector makes shifting folders to your Hotmail account pretty much a matter of dragging and dropping.

Step 1

Download the file OutlookConnector.exe from the Microsoft Web site onto your computer. Double click the icon for the install file and complete the installation wizard. You'll need to provide log-in information to your Hotmail account.

Step 2

Open Outlook. You'll see in the "Mail Folders" section in the left-hand column that your Hotmail account now appears as one of the available Outlook mailboxes.

To transfer Outlook folders permanently to Hotmail, simply drag them from their location under the primary Outlook Mailbox listing to the Hotmail Mailbox listing. The folders will transfer next time Outlook syncs with your Hotmail account.


  • Outlook Connector is known to have occasional difficulties keeping Outlook and Hotmail synced. Do not uninstall or disable Outlook before verifying that all of the folders you want to transfer to Hotmail have transferred. Do this by opening your Hotmail account on the Web and verifying that the folders are present.


  • If you're not planning on migrating away from Outlook entirely, you can simply use Outlook Connector to use all of Outlook's organizational tools on your Hotmail data.


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