How to Convert a Microsoft Word Document to PDF for Free

by Pat Smith

In Microsoft Word, the commonly used word-processing software, converting a document to a PDF format means that it can be opened on most computers, even if they don't have Microsoft Word. Word can convert its documents into PDF for free, but if you don't have the Word application, you'll be able to do it quickly online.

In Microsoft Word


Open the Word document in Word, if you have it, and click "File," then "Print."


Click "PDF," then "Save to PDF."


Choose a place to save the file, and you now have a Word document formatted as a PDF.



Go to a website that converts Word documents to PDF for free, such as Doc 2 PDF (, PDF Converter (, or Word to PDF ( They all perform the same function.


Click "Choose File" and choose the Word file you want to convert.


Enter your email address if required (they will email you the document) and click "Convert." Download the new document, or check your email for the PDF.

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