Microsoft Visio Standard Vs. Professional

By Sean Russell

i Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Those interested in turning raw data into eye-catching diagrams may find Microsoft Visio software useful. The latest version of this software suite is Visio 2010, as of August 2010. The Standard version has fewer features buts also costs less. The Professional version of Visio incorporates added features for a higher price.


All versions of Visio 2010 allow users access to Microsoft’s brainstorming and mind-maps feature. Each software tier also creates cause and effect, Ishikawa, and fishbone diagrams out of raw data. Cross-functional flowcharts, organizational charts, timelines, calendars, the Garitt Chart layout, the Pert Chart layout and swim lane flowcharts also come standard for both Visio 2010 Standard and Professional.


Features only available for Visio Professional include building architecture and service diagrams, network diagrams such as those depicting Active Directory services and rack servers, engineering diagrams, IT Infrastructure Library diagrams, wireframe diagrams, hierarchical diagrams, and database diagrams. Visio Professional also includes value stream maps and website mapping and documentation. Visio Professional allows users real-time web presentation capabilities for sharing work anywhere.


As of August 2010, $249.99 is the manufacturer suggested retail price for Visio Standard 2010. $559.99 is the manufacturer suggested retail price for Visio Professional 2010.