What Is Microsoft Patch KB 890830?

By Brent Watkins

Microsoft's KB890830 patch removes some of the most harmful viruses from your computer.
i virus image by DAN from Fotolia.com

Microsoft regularly issues security updates to the Windows family of operating systems through program downloads known as "patches." When downloaded, these programs install portions of code that remedy software bugs or security vulnerabilities. Windows performs many of these updates automatically. Each patch is given a unique identification code to reference information about the nature of the update.


Microsoft Patch KB890830 is a "Malicious Software Removal Tool" that was released to provide an immediate solution for computers infected with the Blaster, Sasser and MyDoom viruses. Additional viruses have been added through weekly program patch updates.


The patch is designed to detect whether or not files installed by a specific list of viruses are present on a computer. If detected, the program will remove all files related to these viruses. When the detection and removal process is finished, a report is displayed that shows what malicious software files (if any) were removed.


The KB890830 patch can used to check Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Server 2003 versions of Microsoft Windows.


Once the program file is downloaded, double-clicking the installation file will begin the installation process.


The program is not intended to replace using anti-virus software. 64-bit versions of Windows require a different version of the patch available by following a link supplied on the KB890830 patch download page. Computer administrators are strongly encouraged to read document KB891716 (accessed via the link just mentioned) prior to installing the KB890830 patch in an enterprise network environment.