Microsoft Office 2007 Components

By Alex Gardner

Updated February 10, 2017

Microsoft Office 2007 includes tools to help users work collaboratively.
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Microsoft Office 2007 is an application suite designed to help users to easily share information between an integrated set of programs. There are seven different versions of Office 2007, and while each includes different programs and features, every version includes Microsoft’s word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs.

Word 2007: Word Processing

Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processing program for writing and editing text documents. Word includes tools that let multiple users share information and collaboratively edit documents. Word is included in every edition of Microsoft Office 2007.

Excel 2007: Spreadsheet Analysis

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet program used for tasks such as creating budgets, tracking data, and creating charts and graphs. With Excel, you create what Microsoft calls a Workbook, which can contain any number of individual worksheets. Users can copy or export the graphs and charts created in Excel to Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher or OneNote. Excel is included in every edition of Microsoft Office 2007.

PowerPoint 2007: Presentation Software

PowerPoint 2007 is Microsoft’s presentation software, used for creating slide show presentations. Users can import graphs and charts from Excel or text from Word, or use PowerPoint’s own tools for creating slide text and graphics. The program also has the capacity to add special effects like fade-ins or fade-outs between slides, as well as audio and video. PowerPoint is included in every edition of Microsoft Office 2007.

Outlook 2007: Email and Personal Contacts Manager

Outlook 2007 is Microsoft’s e-mail client, and it also includes a calendaring program, address book and contact organizer, and task list. With Outlook, you can manage any number of e-mail addresses and create personal mailing lists. Outlook is included in the Small Business, Professional, Professional Plus, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Office 2007.

Publisher 2007: Design

Publisher 2007 is Microsoft’s solution for home and business users who want to create posters, flyers, letterhead, brochures or other marketing materials. Publisher simplifies the design process by including a number of predefined color schemes, page borders, as well as clip art and templates for popular types of publications like bake sale flyers, calendars, and personal stationery. Publisher is included with the Small Business, Professional, Professional Plus, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Office 2007.

Access 2007: Database and Form Design

Access 2007 lets users work with data by creating databases, data entry forms and queries. Access can be used as a standalone database program or to interface with Microsoft SQL server databases. Access is included with Microsoft Office Professional, Professional Plus, Ultimate and Enterprise.

Specialized Office Components

Some of the targeted versions of Microsoft Office include extra programs designed to help customers with specific needs, like small business owners. These programs include: Accounting Express, which is a financial accounting package aimed at small business owners; Groove 2007, a collaboration tool for users who work collaboratively from different physical locations or offline; InfoPath 2007, a forms-creation tool for business users and developers; Communicator 2007, which is a communications client used for Internet-based audio and video conferencing; and, finally, OneNote, which serves as a virtual notebook to store text, graphics, Web links or other information organized by topic, subject or project.