What Is Microsoft Net Framework 3.5?

by Kyle Glazier

Programmers need tools to write computer programs, including a language of code. Microsoft's Net Framework 3.5 is one answer to this need.


Net Framework 3.5 software gives programmers the ability to write applications for computers. It provides a variety of prebuilt codes for simple low-level programming tasks, as well as the components for larger programming needs.

Previous Frameworks

Framework 3.5 is an upgrade from Framework 3.0 in several ways. It provides additional options, such as support for Visual Studio 2008, as well as programming tools for newer Web browsers than 3.0 could support. It also contains a library that answers common questions from Framework users.


The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows Servers 2003 and 2008, as well as the XP and Vista operating systems. It requires at least a 400 megahertz processor and 96 megabytes of RAM. It requires 500 megabytes of hard drive space and an 800x600 display.

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