How Do I Get a Mic to Work on a Laptop Computer?

by C.D. Crowder

Laptops provide a portable recording station, and hooking a microphone to the laptop is simple. Whether you are using a normal microphone, headset microphone or a lapel microphone, you can set it up to work with your laptop. Some popular uses of microphones on laptops include chatting, recording a report, music, or other audio, online gaming and Internet phone conversations. The only real requirements are a sound card and a microphone jack. Almost all laptops are already equipped with these.

Read the instructions with your microphone's software, if applicable. Some mics may require that the software be installed before plugging it in.

Plug your microphone into the microphone jack. This is indicated by a small microphone above or below the jack.

Allow your operating system to automatically detect the microphone and install the default drivers.

Test your microphone. If it doesn't work, you'll have to download and install the drivers from the microphone's manufacturer's website. This will vary for each manufacturer.

Go to the sound settings for any programs you want to use with the microphone if you encounter problems. Choose your microphone from the list provided in the settings to allow input from your specific microphone.


  • check You can set the microphone as the system's default mic through your operating system's audio settings. The settings will be under the Voice section for most operating systems.


  • close Follow the instructions with any software you have before trying to automatically install through the operating system, to prevent driver errors.

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