My Metro PCS Phone Won't Connect to My Computer

By Maya Walker

Ensure the USB cable is compatible with your MetroPCS phone.
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When you connect your MetroPCS phone to a computer, the phone may not be recognized by your computer. The inability to connect the phone to the computer can hinder you from transferring data files between the two devices. Memory card problems usually arise when the phone's settings need adjustment.

USB Drivers

If this is your first time connecting your MetroPCS phone to your computer, you will need to install the USB drivers for it before the connection can be established. Some mobile phones come with an installation CD for the drivers. If not, you can visit the manufacturer website of your phone. The download for the drivers is usually located in the Support section of the site. Installation automatically begins following the download.

Connection Settings

Ensure your MetroPCS phone's mass storage settings are accurate if it won't connect to your computer. When you need to transfer data to the phone, the phone's USB storage mode must be enabled. The phone will prompt you to enable mass storage when it is connected to the computer. If the phone is not recognized, open the storage settings from within the phone's settings menu and choose the option to mount the SD card.

USB Port

Check the phone's USB port to ensure the MetroPCS phone is securely connected. You can try unplugging and reinserting its USB cable to check the connection. If you are connecting the phone to a USB hub, unplug it and connect it directly to the computer. Use another USB cable if the phone still won't connect to the computer. A faulty cable can prevent the computer from properly establishing a connection with your phone.

Memory Card

Your MetroPCS phone's memory card can sometimes prevent a connection with a computer. If the card is installed incorrectly in the phone or damaged, you will not be able to establish a connection. Remove the phone's memory card and reinsert it into its slot on the phone. If the card is recognized by the phone but you are still unable to connect, reformat the card. Open your phone's settings and tap on "Memory Card" or "SD Card and Phone Storage." Tap "Options," and then tap "Format." A warning about erasing all of the card's data will be displayed. Tap "OK" or "Format" to continue. When the process is finished, connect the phone to your computer.