What Is a Metered Toner Cartridge?

By Jeffrey Joyner

A toner cartridge is a container to hold the ink or powder needed by an imaging device to print the image. A metered toner cartridge is one that regulates how much toner the cartridge delivers during the printing process.


Non-metered cartridges allow excess ink or powder to leak at its delivery point. This can clog the port or leak into the imager. Toner delivery may become erratic, allowing too little or too much ink to be delivered. Print quality is affected, and excess toner use may result in increased operating costs. A metered toner cartridge provides measured amounts of toner, resulting in better print quality. It may also reduce damage to the unit from leaking toner.


Metered toner cartridges can deliver powdered or liquid toners, developers or ink. Compatible copiers, printers, plotters and postage meters may benefit from the use of metered cartridges.


Cartridges feed a flow of toner through a port. The toner is pulled, pushed or dripped onto the supply port. A metered cartridge can block delivery to the port or allow the toner to flow freely by using a seal that restricts flow as needed.