Merge Two Layers in Pixlr

by William Pullman
Image courtesy of Adobe.

Light photo editing doesn't require commercial image-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Pixlr, a free online set of editing tools, provides many of the same features as Photoshop, including the ability to work with several separate layers that you can merge into one image. You don't have to merge all of your open layers when you want to combine your edits; as few as two layers can be merged.

Step 1

Click "View" on the Pixlr Editor website menu and select "Layers" to open the Layers panel. Next to the name of each layer is a check box. Visible layers have a check mark in the box.

Step 2

Place a check mark in the boxes of the two layers that you want to merge. If the Background layer isn't one of the two layers that you want to merge, double-click the padlock symbol to make the check box visible and then click the box to remove the check mark. Make sure only the two layers you want to merge have check marks.

Click "Layer" in Pixlr Editor website menu and select "Merge Visible" or right-click any of the layer names in the Layers panel and then select "Merge Visible."

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  • Image courtesy of Adobe.

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