How to Merge Subtitles to Movie Files

By Ireland Wolfe

You can add subtitles to your movie file.
i Ryan McVay/Valueline/Getty Images

Some viewers prefer subtitles when watching movies. Many times the movie is not in your native language, or maybe you have a hearing-impaired person watching the movie with you, so subtitles need to be added. Whatever the reason, subtitles are not difficult to merge to movie files. The exact process of adding subtitles will depend on your movie program, the version of the program and your operating system. You will need to make sure your movie file includes a subtitle file.

Create a new folder on your desktop or hard drive. Navigate to the folder where you have the movie and transfer it to the new folder.

Search the original movie folder for a subtitle folder. Subtitle files inside this folder often end in the extensions .srt, .sub, .ssa and .ass.

Right-click the subtitle file, click "Rename" and edit the name of the file. The srt file should have the same name as the movie file. For instance, if your movie file is SchindlersList.avi, your subtitle file should be

Move the renamed subtitle file into the new folder containing your movie file. Many media programs will automatically display the subtitles if the subtitle file is in the movie folder.

Open your media player if the subtitles do not display. If using VLC, Go to the "Video" option in the top menu. Choose "Browse for Subtitles" and choose the appropriate subtitle file. In Windows Media Player, right-click on the "Media Splitter" icon located in the system tray on the right bottom of the screen. Select the subtitle file that you want to merge with your movie.