How to Merge MSN Email Accounts

by Maya Austen

MSN email accounts can be merged through Microsoft's Outlook application. Outlook is what's known as an "email client," which is different from an email service provider. If you have MSN email accounts, MSN is your email service provider. Using your Outlook email client you can connect to your account(s) with MSN to send and receive your emails. If you have multiple MSN email accounts, rather than accessing each of your accounts individually through the MSN log-in Web page, you can configure Outlook to link to all of your MSN accounts in order to access them all at the same time.

Configure Microsoft Outlook to Link to Your MSN Accounts

Download the Outlook Hotmail Connector. Navigate to the Outlook Hotmail Connector download page on the Microsoft website. Click the "Download" button. Select "Save File" to save the file to your computer's hard drive.

Install the Outlook Hotmail Connector. Open the folder where your downloaded "OutlookConnector" file is saved. Double-click the "OutlookConnector" execution file to initiate the installation process. Follow the prompts to complete the set-up.

Launch Microsoft Outlook. You will be prompted to configure the Outlook Connector you just installed.

Enter the complete MSN email address of one of your MSN accounts and the account's password in the appropriate boxes. Then type your name as you would like it to appear to the recipients of your emails in the "Name" box. Click "OK."

Click "Add New Account" in the Outlook Connector menu. Enter the complete MSN email address of another one of your MSN accounts and the account's password in the appropriate boxes. Then type your name as your would like it to appear to the recipients of your email in the "Name" box. Click "OK."

Using Microsoft Outlook to Read and Send Email from Your Different MSN Email Accounts

Launch your Microsoft Outlook application.

Check your email. Click the "Mail" tab in the far left-side window panel. Make sure the "Personal Folders" tree is expanded. Expand the folder options for the MSN account you want to check by clicking on the plus sign located next to the account's email address (if the account is already selected, the folder option will already be expanded and a minus sign will appear before the account's email address). Click on the "Inbox" folder option. Then, in the "Inbox" panel, double-click on the email you'd like to read.

Send mail. Type "Ctrl" and the "N" key at the same time to open a new message window. Click "Accounts" in the menu options and select the MSN account you would like your email to be sent from. Type and address your email, then click "Send."

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