How to Merge Contacts Using the Mac OS X Address Book

by John Ford

There is a simple trick to merging contacts in Apple's Address Book on OS X, without having to manually edit or copy and paste the Address Book data between contacts. Here are a few helpful tips.

Mac OS X Address Book

In an open "Finder" window, navigate to "Applications" on your Mac and double-click "Address Book" to open the application.

Multiple contacts to be merged

In the "Address Book" application contact list view, locate the two or more contacts that you wish to merge and perform a "shift-click" with your mouse and keyboard to select the multiple contacts you wish to merge.

Merging the contacts

In the "Address Book "menu bar, select "Card" and cursor down to "Merge Selected Cards" and release your mouse button. You can also use the keyboard combination "Command-|" (Shift + Backslash) to perform the merge function.

Merged contact list

Know that the information in the multiple contacts will be merged into one contact file.

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