How to Merge Your Contacts From iPhone & Outlook

By Maya Walker

An iPad can synchronize contacts with Microsoft Outlook.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The iPhone is used for many different purposes, including managing contacts. Contacts that are saved in your phone and Microsoft Outlook address book may be merged together. Merging the contacts ensures that both Outlook and your phone have up-to-date information. Apple's iTunes is a free program that helps you to quickly sync or merge data such as contacts between the iPhone and Outlook.

Step 1

Download and install iTunes on a computer (see the link in Resources if you do not already have it). Follow the prompts during installation to properly set up the program.

Step 2

Connect your iPhone to the computer using its USB cable. The phone will be recognized by iTunes when connected.

Step 3

Click the name of your iPhone in the "Devices" list in the left-hand pane of iTunes. Click the "Info" tab in the top menu.

Step 4

Check the "Sync Contacts" box and select "Microsoft Outlook" from the drop-down menu.

Step 5

Click either the "All Contacts" or "Selected Groups" button. If you only want to sync certain groups, click the name of each group in the display box.

Step 6

Check "Apply" and click "Merge" when prompted.

Step 7

Click "Sync" and wait for the process to complete. The program will create a backup file of your iPhone's data before syncing. Disconnect the phone when syncing is complete.