How to Know What Memory Is Used in the Kindle Fire HD

By Tricia Goss

The Kindle Fire HD helps you manage your storage.
i David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You can use your Kindle Fire HD to enjoy electronic books, movies, video games, apps and more, but if you have used most of its memory, you cannot download anything new. HD versions of the Kindle Fire do provide 1024MB of RAM, but that is used to contain all of the device's information as opposed to the storage, which contains the applications you download. Learning how to display the actual amount of storage available on the device can help you decide whether you should remove some existing items.

Step 1

Power on your Kindle Fire HD. Tap the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner of the screen near the Network and Battery icons.

Step 2

Tap "More" to open the Settings menu.

Step 3

Scroll down the list of settings and tap "Device" to open the Device Settings menu.

Step 4

Tap "Storage." Your Kindle displays the amount of space used and the total amount available, as well as a breakdown of content types, such as Books & News Stand, Audiobooks, Music and Photos. Videos are likely memory hogs, particularly full-length HD movies and television shows. Audiobook files may be large, as well.

Step 5

To remove content from your Kindle, press on an item you want to remove until a menu appears and then tap "Remove from Device." To store on the cloud, press the item until the menu appears and choose "Save to Cloud." You can save space by storing content on the cloud. Amazon provides free, unlimited cloud storage for content downloaded from Amazon and you can download it again whenever you want using a Wi-Fi connection.