Media Player Won't Identify the CD Information

By Tammy Clevenger

Force Windows Media Player to update CD information.
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There are a few reasons why Windows Media Player might fail to identify CD information for a disc. To retrieve CD information, Windows Media Player connects to the Internet and searches a CD database. If no Internet connection is available, Windows Media Player cannot retrieve the information. Another reason CD information may not be displayed is that the CD may be very rare, or very new. In either case, the CD information has not yet been entered into the database. Follow a few steps to attempt to manually connect to the CD information database to obtain disc information.

Click “Start” and then click “Windows Media Player” to open the application.

Insert the CD into the CD drive.

Drag and drop the tracks on the CD into the right panel of Windows Media Player to add the songs to the “Now Playing” playlist. The first track will begin to play.

Click the “Rip” button on the top menu bar of Windows Media Player.

Click the “Find Album Info” button in the Rip menu. This action will force Windows Media Player to search for the CD information for the playing CD. A webpage will display in the center pane of the player.

Click the radio button next to the “Search by Album Name” option.

Type the name of the CD that is playing and click the “Next” button. Windows Media Player will initiate a search of the CD database. Results will be displayed on the following page.

Click the radio button next to the album title that matches the CD. Click “Next.” The selected album information will be displayed for the CD.

Click the “Search Again” button to search the database using another title or artist’s name.

Click the “Album Not Found” to launch an input form to manually type the CD information. Type the information, then click “OK.” The typed information will be displayed for the CD.