My Media Player Is Running Slow

by Tyran DeWalt
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If Windows Media Player is lagging and running slow, you can adjust a few system settings to increase it speed and performance. Windows Media Player is a tool that allows users to open video, audio and picture files. It is a source of entertainment, but it becomes irksome if the software is not running at a normal level of performance. Once you speed up your sluggish Windows Media Player, you'll be able to listen to your music and watch videos with no problems.

Adjust the Audio Driver Settings

Step 1

Click "Start" and open "Control Panel."

Step 2

Open the "Hardware and Sound" option. Open the "Sound" applet.

Step 3

Select the "Playback" tab. Right-click "Speakers/Headphones." Choose "Properties."

Step 4

Perform the following based on your sound or audio driver: Select the "Effects" tab and click "Disable System Effects." Or Select the "Enhancements" tab and choose "Disable All Enhancements." Click "OK."

Open Windows Media Player to ensure it is not running sluggishly.

Disable Start-Up Programs

Step 1

Open the System Configuration by clicking "Start" and typing "msconfig" in the "Start Search" field. Press "Enter."

Step 2

Open the "Startup" tab. Uncheck the programs that you do not use. Select "Apply" and click "OK."

Reboot your PC. Open Windows Media Player to ensure it is running faster.


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