What Is the Meaning of a Flashing LED on the Front of a Sony TV?

By Brad Harris

Blinking LEDs may signify more than you might think.
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While a Sony TV’s flashing LED communicates important information, it's not very helpful if you don’t know how to decipher it. A red light on the front of the TV could cause fear that something is wrong when, in fact, everything is working normally. Properly understanding the LED’s color functions will help you to correctly ascertain your TV’s status at a glance.


On many Sony models, the red LED light serves two functions. When continuously lit, the red LED signals that your television is currently powered off. If your TV is experiencing a malfunction, however, the red LED will blink on and off to indicate there is a problem. Take note of how many times the light blinks in succession. Sony technical support representatives will need this information if you call them for assistance.

Green LED

On many models, a steadily lit green LED indicates that your TV is currently powered up. This may clear up status confusion if your TV is set to an input source that’s currently off, resulting in a blank screen. On some models, the green LED will also flash when receiving commands from the remote control.

Amber LED

The amber LED notifies you that the timer function has been set. This reminder may be helpful if you typically set the sleep timer while watching TV in bed. If your Sony TV is connected to the Internet, the amber LED will also blink off and on when downloading a software update. During an update, all commands from the remote control are ignored until the process is complete. If your remote suddenly seems to stop working, check for the amber light before trying new batteries.

Dark LEDs

If the LEDs are dark and the TV does not turn on, this may signal that the television has become unplugged. If your TV powers up but the green LED does not turn on, then the Energy Saving function may have been switched off. You can turn this back on using the switch located on the side of your television.


If the TV is malfunctioning, attempt to turn the TV off and back on using the physical power button rather than the remote. If this does not work, unplug the TV and let it sit for one minute before plugging it back in. Attempt to power the television up once more. Call Sony technical support at 239-245-6368 for additional support if needed. Be sure to reference the number of times the red LED blinks.