How to Get the Mean Symbol in Excel

by Aksana Nikolai

The symbol consisting of an “x” with a bar on top of it represents the mean, or average, of a set of numbers. There is no need to print off your Excel spreadsheets and hand-write the mean symbol when working with statistical data. Doing so can be time-consuming when working with spreadsheets that contain dozens or hundreds of pages. You can insert the mean symbol in Excel by editing the font settings within the “Symbol” menu.


Select the cell to which you want to add the mean symbol.


Click the "Insert" tab, and select "Symbol" from the "Text" group to open the "Symbol" pop-up window.


Select "MS Reference Sans Serif" from the "Font" drop-down menu within the "Symbol" pop-up window.


Enter "F7C2" into the "Character Code" field. Select "Unicode (Hex)" using the "From" drop-down menu.


Click "Insert" to add the mean symbol to the selected cell.

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