What Does it Mean to Link to Facebook Profiles?

By Laura Gittins

Tagging in Facebook is a way to generate conversations with friends.
i Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty Images

Creating a link to a profile on Facebook is more commonly known as "tagging" somebody or something. You can create tags to your friends or people you follow on pictures you've uploaded or in your status updates and posts. When you tag somebody, a blue hyperlink appears that others can click on to go to that person's profile page.

Tagging Posts

When you type a status update or a post, you can link to another person's profile by using the "@" symbol in front of her name. After you type the "@" symbol, Facebook will open a list of suggestions for profiles as you type, beginning with your friends. For example, if you type "Going to the movies with @Joanne Smith," Facebook will remove the "@" symbol and create a link to Joanne Smith's profile which others can click.

Tagging Photos

As with posts, Facebook also gives you the option to tag others in photos. Usually, tagging a photo means that you have identified a person in the photo, so when a viewer hovers a mouse over that person's face, a link to his profile will pop up to click. However, you can tag other objects in photos -- such as animals or items that you want to make stand out -- so that others will notice them when they look at the photo.


Tagging is a great way to generate conversation or draw attention. When you tag a photo or link to somebody's profile in one of your posts, that person will receive a notification, informing her that you've done so. This may prompt her to respond to you by leaving a comment on the photo or post. Facebook does not limit how many people you may tag at one time so, for example, you can upload a picture with you and your friends, tag everyone and then see what they all have to say about the photo.


When you tag somebody in a photo, that person has the option to remove the link to his profile. He does not need your permission to remove the tag (nor does he even have to explain to you why he wants to remove the tag). You may also remove tags in photos at any time. Regardless who removes a tag, the photo itself remains visible, so other people will still see it.