What Does It Mean When You Can't Comment on a Friend's Page on Facebook?

By Carolyn Luck

Adjusted Facebook privacy settings are likely to blame.
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Facebook offers a range of privacy options that allow members to create a customized privacy experience. If you can’t comment on a friend’s Facebook page, there are several possible explanations. The fact that you can see your friend’s page means you haven’t been blocked, but you may need to just ask him to determine the issue.

Timeline and Tagging

It’s possible that your friend has adjusted her privacy settings to prevent anyone but her from posting on her timeline. People can see her timeline, but cannot comment on anything she’s posted. Posts you tag her in will not appear on her timeline. This is likely the case if, while viewing her timeline, you see only content she’s posted herself.

Timeline Review

If your friend has activated the timeline review feature, she’ll need to approve all posts before they appear on her page. Anything you post on her timeline will not immediately appear. She will receive notification of a “Pending Post” which, when clicked, will direct her to her personal timeline review. She will see your post and have the option to approve or deny it appearing on her timeline.

Friend List

Your friend may have added you to one of her custom friend lists. This may be the case if other members are able to post on her timeline but you are not. She may have put you on an “Acquaintance” list and then adjusted her privacy settings such that people on that list cannot post on her timeline.


Your friend may have unfriended you, which means she has severed the Facebook connection that once existed between you. If her privacy settings are “public,” you may still be able to see her timeline, but not comment on it. This may have been done in error; you can send her a friend request if you feel that is the case.