How to Get More MB to Make Downloading Faster

By Terrance Karter

Increase your MB to make your computer's download time much faster.
i laptop image by Ewe Degiampietro from

There are two different types of MB that you might need to increase on your computer in order to make downloads faster. The first is megabytes, which are transferred per second as your Internet connection. The second is also megabytes, but refers to the amount of running memory you have on your computer. A lack of both types of MB can result in slower-than-normal download times. You can increase them both quickly and easily.

Call your Internet company and ask how many MBps your connection runs at. After you have this figure, ask if what you have is the current fastest connection possible from the company. Upgrade to a connection that boasts a higher number of megabytes per second transfer rate. The Internet company that provides you with your Internet is the only one who can get you a faster transfer rate.

Open your computer's "Properties," located under "Control Panel" or under "My Computer." See how much RAM is available. It should be listed in megabytes. If you can see from the provided pie chart that you are low on MBs of storage or MBs of running memory, your downloads might be compromised.

Go to a computer store or a store that sells memory for your computer. Ask to purchase megabytes of storage or running memory, depending on what you are low on. Have the computer store install these into your computer, if you have never done so before.