Maxtor Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools

By Frank Jones

If you think you have a failing Maxtor hard drive, there are several tools available that can help with diagnosing the problem. If you don't already have your data backed up, you should do so immediately and before the hard drive completely fails.

Operating System Tools

Inside your hard drive
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The first set of tools at your disposal when diagnosing hard drive problems likely will be built into your operating system. All major operating systems have software included that can diagnose and repair many common hard drive problems. The three popular operating systems of Windows, Mac and Ubuntu have Scandisk, Apple Hardware Test and Disk Utility, respectively.

Maxtor Brand

When troubleshooting a Maxtor brand hard drive it is important to note that Maxtor is owned by Seagate. This means that the branded utilities for diagnosing problems with Seagate hard drives will work for Maxtor drives. You can download these tools using the link provided in the resources section below. Seagate's diagnostic software also works with other drives.

Third-Party Options

Spare parts hard drive
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There are third-party diagnostic tools available on the Internet that help diagnose hard drive problems. Many of these tools are free, open source products or free trials. There is a collection of these programs available on the Ultimate Boot CD.