How to Get a Maximum Download Speed on a Westell 7500 DSL

By Patrick Nelson

The phone jack that's physically closest to the front door is likely to be the cleanest.
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Westell's 7500 digital subscriber line (DSL) modem is often used by Verizon and provides an always-on connection between your computer and Verizon's network. The device uses Verizon's existing copper phone lines which it shares with voice service. The same line can be used because the data and voice traffic are sent at different frequencies and are filtered so they don't impinge on each other. The modem will always connect at the maximum speed that's available. There are steps ou can take to increase that available speed.

Step 1

Install the Westell on the phone jack that's as close to the street as possible in a single-family house or junction box in a multifamily building. DSL is subject to distance issues and the closer you can get the equipment to the telephone company's switch, the better. The phone jack that's physically closest to the front door is likely to be the nearest and is likely to be the cleanest with the fewest spurs that can introduce line noise.

Step 2

Connect a microfilter to every phone jack in the home. The filter will separate the frequencies and improve speed for the Westell. Don't forget fax machines and television equipment that may be connected to phone lines.

Step 3

Talk to Verizon if your filters are all in place and you are still experiencing slow speeds on the 7500, they might be able to upgrade your speed with a more expensive monthly package or install a POTS filter where the phone line comes into the home --- which is more robust and replaces the individual microfilters, or rewire the home.