How to Match an Amp & Speakers

by Nichole Liandi
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There are many different types and configurations of car amplifiers. You'll find two-channel amps, four-channel amps, mono amps and amplifiers designed for reproducing different musical frequency ranges. It's important to match amplifiers to the speakers they'll be powering for the best performance in your car audio system.

Step 1

Check the power handling specs of your speakers in their manual. Look for an RMS wattage rating.

Step 2

Check the wattage output per channel of your amplifier in its manual. Look for the RMS output rating. Match the power output of the amplifier to the power handling of the speakers. For example, a speaker that handles 100 watts is a good match for an amplifier with an output of 100 watts. Don't vary the difference between the two specs by more than about 15 percent.

Step 3

Match the number of channels of amplifier output with the number of speakers you'll be powering. For example, if you want to power four speakers, a four-channel amplifier is the best choice.

Check to make sure that the frequency output of the amplifier matches your speakers' application. For example, speakers being used for full-range sound reproduction need an amplifier that amplifies the entire musical range. Likewise, a subwoofer is best paired with a subwoofer amp that's designed to amplify low frequencies.


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