Marketing Strategies for Sunglasses

By Brian Hill

Sunglasses come in various shapes.
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The sunglass market in the U.S. is a $3 billion-a-year industry, according to VisionMonday, with retail prices ranging from a couple of dollars a pair to hundreds of dollars for designer glasses. Sunglasses are sold in all types of retail outlets, from high-fashion boutiques to the local hardware store. Wherever you sell your sunglasses, implementing a well-thought-out marketing plan will boost your revenues.

Focus on Women

Women don't just wear sunglasses to protect their eyes; sunglasses are also a fashion statement. Fifty-one percent of all sunglass revenues are generated by women, according to IBISWorld, a marketing research firm. Increase your market size further by adding children's sunglasses next to the women's sunglasses so a customer can pick up a pair for each child as well as herself. Mirrors are necessary to have near your sunglass display so she can see what she looks like as she tries on several pairs.

Know What's Hot

Sunglasses, as fashion items, go in and out of style. Keep up with the trends by visiting upscale sunglasses boutiques, the eyewear section of department stores and also by reviewing fashion magazines. What you see in the magazines is what you should have available in your store. Celebrities influence fashion, and that includes sunglasses. Weekly celebrity magazines such as People, Us and Entertainment Weekly, show you what's going on right now concerning fashions and preferences in sunglasses

Display Tactics

Think of your sunglasses as eye candy, and display them to their best advantage. If a customer can't easily browse through the choices you offer, she'll probably leave without buying, and that's a lost potential sale. Display the less-expensive sunglasses on racks on top of the display cases. Designer glasses that cost $100 or more would be better shown in a display case, which will also prevent shoplifting. Color coordinating the glasses is one option. For example, have all the red glasses together, all the yellow and so forth. Another option is displaying your inventory by style, such as aviator, metal rims and oversized.


An online presence through a blog or website allows potential customers to see what you have to offer. The blog lets you interact with visitors, answer questions and post tips and special offers or discuss what's going on in the world of sunglases. Take advantage of social media by asking your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter friends and followers to post photos of their sunglasses. Conduct a contest by asking them to vote for their favorite sunglasses from several popular styles you have in stock.


Create a fundraising event by donating $1 for every pair of sunglasses sold during a certain time period to a vision-oriented charity. Advertise the event in the local newspapers, online community sites and through social media sites you participate in. The event increases your visibility in the community as well as helping a worthy cause.