How to Mark Emails as Read in Yahoo! on iOS 7

By David Nield

Read emails in the Yahoo Mail Inbox folder.
i Image courtesy of Yahoo

The official Yahoo Mail app for iOS is compatible with devices running iOS 6.0 or later and provides full access to your inbox and folders. As with the standard website interface, you can read messages, send replies and compose new emails. You also have the option to mark emails as read or unread. Any changes you make are synced across all the devices and computers you use to check your Yahoo Mail account.

Using Yahoo Mail App

When you launch the Yahoo Mail app and sign into your account, you tap any email to mark it as read. To mark multiple emails as read, select the messages using the check boxes down the left-hand side, and then tap the "Mark as read" button (a solid white circle) on the pop-up toolbar. A confirmation message appears and the emails are flagged as having been read. The solid white circle icon changes to show only an outline; you can tap it again to mark the same messages as unread.

Other Options

You can also access Yahoo Mail through any Web browser on your iOS device. As in the app, single messages can be selected to mark them as read. For multiple messages use the check boxes down the left and press the solid purple icon. Another alternative is to access your Yahoo emails through the default Mail app in iOS. Once you've added your account and imported your messages, you can mark emails as read by tapping "Edit" at the top of the inbox or folder and selecting all the relevant messages, then choosing "Mark" and then "Mark as Read."