How to Get Free Maps for a Garmin GPS

by Neal Litherland

A GPS unit is a fantastic way to get turn-by-turn directions. Unfortunately, maps change with road construction, natural disasters and other events, so you may need to download new maps for your GPS unit from time to time. If you use a Garmin GPS unit, there are a variety of places from which you can get maps, though some are better than others.


Find an appropriate website from which to download your free maps. Official maps from Garmin are the best, but they are rarely free. You can find free maps at other sites---such as GPS Track Log---but they are user-generated and not officially licensed by Garmin.


Download the maps that you want to your computer. Maps from all over the world are available, so you should search for maps of the areas in which you live and to which you'll be traveling.


Connect your GPS unit to your computer. Transfer the map from your computer to your Garmin device. After the maps are transferred, they should be stored along with the rest of the maps on your Garmin unit.

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