Does "MapleStory" Work With Google Chrome?

by Nicole Martinez

The side-scrolling massively-multiplayer online role-playing game known as "MapleStory" has a distinct launch method. Previously, opening it from your computer would bring up the program directly, but now when you click the icon, it brings up your browser, and you must launch the game from there. This process is meant to work whether you use Chrome or another browser.

MapleStory Browser Use

When you click the "MapleStory" icon on your computer, it will open up the "MapleStory" Web page in your default browser. From here, you can sign in to your account and click the button to launch the game. "MapleStory" will open whichever browser you have specified as default. It may open another tab in Chrome if it's already open, or open a Chrome window if no browser windows are open.


"MapleStory" is compatible with all browsers, so you don't need to have a specific browser installed on your computer. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are all compatible with the MMO, but other browsers may work as well. Although you do need a browser to launch the game in normal mode, the "MapleStory" site lists no browser requirements. However, you must be running Windows XP or later on your computer.

Using Your Prefered Browser

If "MapleStory" launches in your default browser but you prefer to use a different one, you can simply log on to the "MapleStory" website to launch the game without clicking the icon in your Start menu. Type "" into your address bar to get started.

Starting Without Browser

If you're experiencing issues loading "MapleStory" from Chrome or any other browser, you can use the launcher program rather than the Web launcher. Navigate to the "MapleStory" folder on your computer, which may be located at C:\Nexon\MapleStory or C:\Program Files\Nexon\MapleStory. Double-click on "gamelauncher.exe" to open the game without having to use your browser.

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