How to Get Free Map Updates for a Nuvi 265T

by Mike Johnson
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The Garmin nuvi 265T is part of the nuvi 205 and 205W series of GPS devices designed for use in automobiles. Sometimes, such as during a special promotion, you may be eligible for free map updates with the nuvi 265T. A free map update may also accompany the purchase of a nuvi 265T. Obtaining your free map update is a simple process that may be completed online through the Garmin website.

Step 1

Check out Garmin's "Updates Made Easy" page. You will find a section for free maps, one-time maps, and lifetime maps on this page. Click on the "Learn More" link below the section offering free maps if you are still within the 90-day period during which free maps are available.

Step 2

Locate the serial number for your nuvi 265T beneath the mount device on the underside of your device. Type this number in the box underneath "Check Your Device."

Step 3

Click the update you want to install on your nuvi 265T. Download the plug-in provided with the free map option that you select.

Step 4

Connect your nuvi 265T to your computer with a USB cord, which normally is included with the purchase of the GPS.

Wait for the update, which will begin automatically, to complete before unplugging your nuvi 265T.


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