How to Know How Many GB Your Xbox Has

By Joshua Phillips

Hard drive space is necessary for installing games and downloading new content.
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Microsoft has shipped numerous variations of the Xbox 360, with the major difference between each one being the hard drive size. As a result, your Xbox 360 can have a hard drive size as low as 4 GB and as high as 250 GB. If you're unsure of the size of your Xbox 360's hard drive, or just want to see how much space is remaining on it, you can check from the Device Options screen. This screen is accessible from the Xbox 360 dashboard when using any Gamertag.

Step 1

Select the "Settings" tab from your Xbox 360's dashboard.

Step 2

Select "System" and select "Storage" from the onscreen list.

Step 3

Highlight your hard drive from the onscreen list. By default the name of the hard drive is "Hard Drive."

Step 4

Press "Y" on the Xbox 360 controller to access the Device Options screen. The right side of the screen lists both the overall size of your hard drive under "Capacity" and the remaining amount of space under "Free Space."