How to Manually Update Sophos

By Thomas King

Sophos is an antivirus program designed to prevent viruses from infecting your computer, as well as remove viruses that have already infected your computer. In order to accomplish these tasks, Sophos must be able to detect the latest viruses, which means that the program must be up to date with the latest virus identity files, or IDEs. You can configure Sophos to download the latest IDEs automatically, or download the updates manually.

Step 1

Close the Sophos program if it's currently open.

Step 2

Go to the Sophos Latest Virus Identities Web page at

Step 3

Click "Download" next to the version of Sophos that is installed on your computer. Note that you can download a "Zip File" or a "Self-extracting File." A self-extracting file contains the software needed to execute the file, and thus may work better for inexperienced users.

Click "Run" when the "Open File" dialog box opens. Click "Yes" if asked to confirm. The virus identity files are automatically installed.