How to Manually Start the Add Hardware Wizard

By BeckW

Windows 7 removed the Control Panel link to the Add Hardware Wizard because end-user hardware is installed by vendors and the Windows Plug and Play detection system. The Hardware Add Wizard is used to manually install drivers for a device that does not have a driver installation package and is no longer recommended for use by Microsoft for end users. The Wizard is still included in Windows 7 and is intended for driver developers. You can start the Hardware Wizard Add from any Windows 7 system using the Command Prompt.

Step 1

Click "Start," and type "Command Prompt."

Step 2

Right-click the "Command Prompt" option, and click "Run as administrator."

Step 3

Click "Yes" or enter your administrator password if prompted by Windows.

Type "hdwwiz.exe" without quotes, and press "Enter." The Add Hardware Wizard application will appear on your screen.