How to Manually Set a Linksys WRT120N Wireless Router (13 Steps)

By Ruri Ranbe

i Microsoft

The software that ships with the Linksys WRT120N includes a setup wizard for both Mac and Windows. However, if you want advanced control over your router's configuration, you can set up the device through its browser-based utility. After installing the router to your modem, you can access the utility to set up your connection, assign a name and password to your network, and create an administrator's account for your device.

Step 1

Disconnect the modem from its power source, and then connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the "Internet" port on the back of the router.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the cable to the "Ethernet" or "1000BASE-T" port on the rear of the modem.

Step 3

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to one of the blue color-coded ports on the WRT120N's back panel.

Step 4

Insert the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port on your computer. Connect the modem and WRT120N to power.

Step 5

Launch a browser and enter "" (omit the quotes) into its address bar to access the router's browser-based configuration utility.

Step 6

Enter "admin" into the Password field, leave the User Name field blank, and then click "OK" to log in to the Linksys device. The Basic Setup screen appears.

Step 7

Click the "Internet Connection Type" drop-down menu and select "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" for broadband cable or "PPPoE" for DSL. Enter your account credentials, if applicable.

Step 8

Click "Save Settings." Select "Wireless," and then click "Basic Wireless Settings" from the menu bar.

Step 9

Click "Manual." Enter a unique name for the network into the Network Name (SSID) field, and then click "Save Settings."

Step 10

Choose "Wireless Security" from the menu bar, and then change Security Mode from "Disabled" to "WPA2 Personal."

Step 11

Enter a security key consisting of 64 hexadecimal characters or eight to 63 alphanumeric characters into the Passphrase field.

Step 12

Click "Save Settings," select "Administration," and then enter a new administrator's password into the Router Password field.

Step 13

Re-enter the password into the appropriate field, and then click "Save Settings" to complete the setup of the Linksys WRT120N.