How to Manually Install Updates on the TomTom

by Lara Webster

TomTom GPS devices can help a lost traveler find his way or point a user to the nearest restaurant, gas station or bookstore. From time to time, street names may change or errors might be found on a map. While TomTom users can receive up to 4 map updates per year for a fee, they can also manually create and install updates to their maps for free.


Turn on your TomTom device and go to the main menu.


Select "Correct a Map Error." Tap "Join Map Share" to share manual updates with other users.


Tap on the icon for the type of error you would like to correct. You can unblock a road, edit a street name, add a missing point of interest or change the posted speed limit in an area, among other things. When you're finished, tap "Done."


Connect your TomTom to your computer. TomTom Home will begin to download automatically, if you don't already have the free program.


Wait for TomTom to upload your corrections to Map Share, and install the corrections made by other users and verified by TomTom to your device.


Disconnect the device from your computer when updates are complete.

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