How to Manually Install the GPS Driver for Streets & Trips

by Susan Reynolds

Streets & Trips is a software program that allows you to plan trips using a map connected to a GPS device. The GPS device is a small, square-shaped chip that plugs directly into your computer's USB drive. Once you manually install the GPS driver for Streets & Trips onto your laptop, you can set the computer next to you in your car and program a trip. The navigator's voice will tell you turn-by-turn directions, using your laptop as a GPS.

Turn on your laptop. Plug the GPS receiver into your laptop's USB port. The Streets & Trips software program usually comes with a GPS receiver chip, which is about the size of a flash drive and has a USB plug on the side. If your software didn't come with a GPS device, you can purchase the Pharos iGPS 500 or Navation GPS 168. Any other GPS device may not work with this software program.

Place the Streets & Trips CD into your disc drive. Shut down the program if it starts up, or don't install it if it prompts you to.

Go to "Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Device Manager."

Expand the section entitled "Other."

Right-click on the device with a yellow exclamation point beside it.

Choose "Update Driver" and hit "Next." Hit "Browse for drivers software on your computer" under D: drive.

Open the Streets & Trips software.

Go to "Tools > GPS > Configure GPS Receiver."

Hit "Scan" to find your GPS device.

Hit "Track Position" to enable the GPS device.

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