How to Manually Delete a Forgotten PSP Internet Password

By Lindsay Howell

If you have forgotten the password that allows you to access the Internet of your PlayStation Portable, or PSP, you will no longer have access to all the features of the device or be able to play games online. You may not be able to recover the password, but you can reset your PSP to its original settings, which also resets the password, so that you can access the Internet and online games again on your PSP.

Step 1

Turn on your PSP system and go to the main menu screen. Scroll to "Settings."

Step 2

Choose "System Settings" and select "Restore Default Settings."

Follow the instructions you see on the screen; your password will be reset to "0000." You can now adjust the other settings for your PSP to your personal preferences and use the new password to access the Internet on your PSP.