How to Manually Clean Your Registry of Trojans

By April Sanders

Manually Clean Your Registry of Trojans

Trojans are a nasty, prolific little viruses that can rapidly spread on your computer. Although they are not serious, they are extremely annoying when you are trying to surf the Internet. They will cause your browser to take you to places you don't want to go, such as ad sites and adult sites. Removing Trojans manually can be very difficult, because they tend to hide in folders you probably didn't know even existed.

Find the Trojans yourself. There are usually more than one, and there will probably be around 30 by the time you notice your computer is acting strangely. There are two ways to find them. The first is to use the "search" feature on your "Start" menu. Simply search for the word "Trojan."

Find the Trojans with a little help. Another way to find infected files is to download a free anti-malware program, such as MalwareBytes, which is a popular free program. Rated as the best malware fighter by, it will quickly find all infected files on your computer. (See Resources.) is another popular malware fighter.

Remove the infected files. You can either use the "Remove" function in your anti-malware program, or you can right-click on each infected file and select "Delete".

Restart your computer. You will have to shut it down completely, then restart it for the Trojan virus to be completely removed. After restarting, test your computer by browsing the Internet. If you can browse in a normal fashion, the virus has been removed.

Protect your computer. Scan it periodically for viruses using MalwareBytes, Norton or any other virus-protection program. You can even set these programs to scan your computer at automatic intervals.