How to Manage My Kindle

By Usha Dadighat

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Amazon's Kindle e-book reader comes with a 6-inch E-Ink display and built-in WiFi capabilities. As of December 14, 2010, the Kindle retailed for $189 on Amazon's website. Amazon allows you to manage your Kindle from an Amazon account. You can register the device, subscribe and manage subscriptions to e-magazines and newspapers and review e-book orders. You can also save your payment information so you can quickly purchase e-books from that will go directly to your Kindle if it has a WiFi or 3G signal.

Step 1

Go to Amazon's Kindle Support page and click on "Manage Your Kindle" on the right side "Self-Service" menu. Log in with your Amazon account or create a new account by clicking "Start here" at the top of the screen.

Step 2

Register your Kindle by entering the 16-digit serial number in the "Serial Number" box and click "Register a new Kindle." You can find the serial number on your Kindle by selecting "Home," then selecting the "Menu" and selecting "Settings."

Step 3

Click "Edit Info" next to your Kindle's name to update the Kindle's name and email address. Click "Update Information" to save changes. Click "Deregister" next to your Kindle's name if you need to remove it from your Amazon account.

Step 4

Enter any email addresses you want your Kindle to accept attachments from in the "Your Kindle approved e-mail list" area of the "Manage your Kindle" page. Click "Add Address." (See Reference 3)

Step 5

Enter your credit or debit card information in the "Pay with new card" section of the "Your default 1-Click payment method" area. Click "Continue" and enter the billing address for the card. Click "Continue."

Step 6

Review your active and pending Kindle subscriptions. Click "Activate" next to any pending subscriptions to begin delivery. Amazon will bill subscriptions to the method of payment given under "Your default 1-Click payment method." Click "Cancel subscription to halt delivery of a subscription. Click the "+" next to a subscription to view issues available for download.

Step 7

Review your purchases. An item with a status of "Pending" has not downloaded to your Kindle yet, while an item with a status of "Success" has completed the download process to your Kindle.