How to Manage iPhone Contacts

by Paul Kemp

The Apple iPhone allows you to keep multiple numbers, addresses, email addresses and other information for contacts at your fingertips using the device's native "Contacts" application. Managing your contacts is as simple as selecting them in this application and opening the "Edit" function. From here, you can add, adjust or delete specific information or entire contacts. The information will be stored per your adjustments and can be pulled up again any time.

On iPhone


Slide a finger across the bottom of the screen to unlock your iPhone. Locate and tap the "Contacts" app.


Add a new contact by tapping the plus sign icon at the top right of the screen, or slide your a finger up or down to scroll and select a contact you want to manage. Tap the name to bring up the information stored in your phone for the contact.


Tap "Edit" to make the information alterable. Tap whichever field you want to change and type in the information you want to add or adjust using the resulting keyboard. Add new information by tapping the green plus sign icon to the left of a field and typing it in. Delete numbers or information by tapping the red minus sign icon to the left of the information and then tapping the red "Delete" button that appears next to it. Tap "Done" when you have finished managing and editing your contacts.


Delete contacts by scrolling all the way down in the edit menu and tapping the red "Delete Contact" button.

Through iTunes


Edit your contacts using Address Book, Google Contacts, Outlook, Windows Address Book or another iTunes-compatible contact manager. Connect your iPhone to your computer.


Select your iPhone from the "Devices" portion of iTunes and choose the "Info" tab. Check the box for the "Sync Contacts" option and check the box for the contact manager you want to sync with.


Click the "Sync" button and allow the iPhone to sync. You can now view your added and edited contacts in the "Contacts" application on your iPhone.

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