How to Make Yourself a Cartoon on a Mac

By Steven French

Digital photos have become increasingly more popular as more people switch to using digital cameras. At the same time, numerous photo editing apps have been developed to do fun and interesting things with the digital photos in your collection. If you would like to turn a photo of yourself into a cartoon fit for a comic book, there are apps available for your Mac that make it easy to do without any prior photo editing experience.

Visit, (See Resources) in your web browser and click on the "Download" button under the most recent version of the Comic Life software. Comic Life offers a free 30-day trial so you can evaluate the software at no cost.

Click the button next to "Open with" in the dialog box that opens to select it, and choose "Archive Utility" in the drop-down menu. Click and drag the Comic Life icon into the Applications folder in your dock to install the software.

Click the Applications folder icon in your dock, then click the "Comic Life" icon to open the program.

Locate your image in the lower right pane of the window. Choose it from your iPhoto library or click the "Finder" button and navigate to the file, then click and drag the image onto the canvas in the main pane.

Click one of the style icons in the lower left pane to change the style of the photo. Experiment by clicking on multiple style icons until you find one that you like.

Click "File" in the upper left of the screen and click "Export" to save the file in a format of your choosing. Choose a location for the file and then click the "Export" button.