How to Make a Word Document Into a PDF

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Adobe's Portable Document Format was designed to maintain formatting for a document no matter where it is viewed or printed. Microsoft Word doesn't include an option to create PDF files by default. However, several ways exist to create PDF files from Word documents or add the create PDF option to Microsoft Word. The main advantage of a PDF file is portability. Although Microsoft Word is used widely, PDF files are readable on most computer systems and there are several free PDF readers available.

Step 1

Go to the Zamzar website using your preferred browser. Zamzar provides free conversion to and from different formats. This option works well if you don't need to convert Word documents to PDF frequently.

Step 2

Download and install PrimoPDF free edition. This program provides simple PDF file conversion using two methods. A special printer is added to create a PDF using the Print option in any program, or use the program window to click and drag files for conversion.

Purchase and install Adobe Acrobat. At the time of publication, Adobe Acrobat Standard is available for approximately $300. A new "Save as PDF" option is added to Microsoft Word after installing Acrobat.


  • Be sure to check out the resource links below for more information.


  • If you have Microsoft Word, but it's not the latest version, you may need to download a plug-in to use the PDF maker toolbar.

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