How to Make a Wireless Internet Antenna Booster

by Carson Barrett

Many people now have a wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet connection in their homes, which allows them to create a home network, or connect their laptops, printers or devices like an iPod Touch to the Internet without being connected by a wire. The signal strength of your wireless router might be weakened by the location of your router; however, you can increase the strength and direction of your signal by building a wireless antenna signal booster with things you can find around the house.


Go to a site like to get the template for a reflector. Print the template on a sturdy piece of paper like thin cardboard, construction paper or a manila folder.


Use a pair of scissors to cut the template.


Cover the pattern with a thin layer of glue and lay a sheet of aluminum on top of it, lightly tapping the foil.


Use a retractable knife or box cutter to cut two slots in the center of the booster (you'll use these slots to slide it onto the antenna).


Make two small holes along the sides in the center of the booster.


Slide the booster onto the antenna.


Bend the booster into a curved shape and attach the wire in the holes you made on the side to hold the curved shape.


Point the booster in the direction where you want the Wi-Fi signal boosted.

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